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Welcome to Moving to Portugal!

This blog has been around since 2009, in the run up to when we began our life in the sun. It may help you to learn some background about how we started our adventure, so I have compiled this list of key moments and popular posts to ease your journey through the site.

Praia da Rocha - The start of our obsessions with Portugal
Praia da Rocha in Portugal’s West Algarve

Thinking of Moving to Portugal?

If you are planning a move of your own – it may help to begin with some practicalites – I recommend these posts!

Finding Work in Portugal – Investigating the employment situation in Portugal

Cost of Living in Portugal

Portugal Web Directory – A huge list of sites that have helped us.

Our Journey to Life in Portugal

Before we Arrived in the Algarve:

So Why Portugal? – exploring why we chose Portugal

Broken Britain – An angry rant from before I left London (was I really so angry all the time?)

Early Days in Tavira:

The First Day, and the night before – Our first 24 hours in our new country

Cultural Differences – Our initial learning experiences

What Do We Miss (and Don’t We Miss?)

The Weather Outside is Frightful – When our honeymoon period ended and things got difficult

Getting Settled:

Moving Swiftly On – Moving to our new modern apartment

Learning Portuguese – Our first attempts to learn how to speak Portuguese

My Wife’s View – My wife’s take on her new life in Portugal

Red Tape Rant – Bureaucratic Frustrations

Once you reach this stage in our blog, you may be beginning to think about a move of your own! While you’re finding your feet, you’ll need a base, so it’s a wise idea to compare the price of hotel accommodation on a site like Trivago.

Life in Portugal

Six Month Review – A report of our first six months in the Algarve

Positive Life Changes – Some of the good things about life in Portugal

Getting Residency – A less good thing about Portugal, and a MUST read


Anyone truly serious about a move to Portugal should be researching obsessively! The following books are titles we found extremely helpful:

Live & Work in Portugal
Au Revoir Angleterre: Making a Go of Moving Abroad
Buying Property in Portugal

You may also be interested in my book on Moving to Portugal which contains a narrative from my wife on our first couple of years, as well as a host of useful information, much of which is not available anywhere else:

Moving to Portugal: How a young couple started a new life in the sun – and how you could do the same

US readers can find it at

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  1. Your website is helping me a lot! Thanks for all the useful information you provide ๐Ÿ˜€
    I will be moving to Portugal myself very shortly, and am looking forward to it very much (even after reading the article about how hard it is to get residency)

  2. Hi Isabelle,

    Glad you are finding the site useful. If I can help you with any questions just let me know.

    Best wishes,


  3. Hi
    just found your site and find it very useful with practical advice from someone on the ground
    We too are thinking of making the move to cabanas early next year
    your problems in the cabanas apartment sounds like you are in the duja royal cabanas golf complex ?

    or are there other buildings with similar problems

    Thanks Jeff

  4. Hi,

    Thanks for the great blog, there are some really useful pieces.

    I am due to move to Lisbon for work for 5 months and I wondered whether it would be a good idea to open a bank account over there? Any advice would be appreciated.


  5. Hi Jeff,

    Thanks for reading! I think you’ll find there are plenty of developments in this area with similar issues, but the problems at Cabanas Golf are all resolved now.

    Best wishes,


  6. Hi Macca,

    Welcome and thanks for reading the blog. Sorry for the slow response.

    I would say that opening a local bank account would be extremely useful. Lots of things here are done using the Multibanco (cashpoint) system – everything from booking train tickets to paying phone bills, crediting mobiles and ordering fishing licences. You’ll find it all a lot easier if you have a Portuguese account.

    Enjoy your time in Lisbon.

    Best wishes,


  7. Hi everyone,

    we are an international couple located between Faro and Albufeira. We are looking for some positive national/international people in their 20s and 30s for freetime activities, drinks, going out, exploring the Algarve, hiking, trips, trying now things, an odd coffee…

    So far we have met either people who stay at home and/or are around retiree age and/or complain a lot. Where are the positive and fresh ones who are here to enjoy life and want to connect?

    Contact us at:

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