Top Tips for Choosing a Removals Company

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There are plenty of companies and specialists which offer removals to Algarve, which is why deciding who to choose may seem like an overwhelming task. However, provided you are equipped with the right knowledge of what to look for, picking the company which best suits your needs is relatively straightforward. Read more to understand the key points to consider when picking an international removals expert.

Country coverage

Without a doubt, the most important factor when choosing a removals specialist is whether they actually cover the country or region you are relocating to/from. Carrying out thorough research or asking them yourself will enable you to determine whether the company you are interested in will be able to ship your belongings to your destination. Otherwise, you could end up filling out lengthy enquiry forms for companies which only cover UK removals – a total waste of time for someone who is relocating to sunny Portugal!


It is very sensible finding a company which holds the right professional accreditations and experience. That way, you have peace of mind that the people handling your personal belongings are to be trusted and you should always be wary of those companies with no certifications at all.

There are a few fundamental accreditations which any good removals specialist will hold, so be sure to look out for these when hiring someone. Companies that are a member of The British Association of Removers are generally of good quality since they must pass strict membership criteria and adhere to a stringent Code of Practice, which sets out professional and legal practices which must be complied with. Another key accreditation is membership of the International Association of Movers, which has similar strict compliance regulations.

Likewise, holding an ISO 9001 means the company takes quality assurance standards very seriously, whilst a BS 8564 demonstrates excellence in overseas removals in particular. Some removals specialists will also hold location and country-specific awards, so be sure to ask the relevant questions in order to gauge the quality of the service you can expect to receive.

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Online reviews

These days, most people will not make a purchase or hire a service provider without doing some information digging beforehand. Online reviews are now an important part of the buying process and a great way to determine whether the service you’ll receive will be worth the money you put in.

Popular review platforms like Which?, Google My Business, Trusted Traders and Yelp, along with the obvious large-scale social networks, all provide a simple way to read reviews from other customers, thereby helping to make your choice a little easier.


A common misconception is that the lower the price, the better the value, and in terms of international removal services, this is generally not the case. A high-quality removals service will certainly not come cheap, but given that it is your personal possessions at stake, spending a bit more to ensure excellence, is worthwhile.

Any respectable removals expert will be upfront with their charges from the outset and should be able to offer advice on how you could lower your costs, for example doing part-load services, or offering discounts for extras, such as packing and packaging materials.

Many fantastic relocations specialists are out there – it is all about carrying out thorough research and asking the right questions in order to ensure your move runs as smoothly as can be!

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