Moving to Portugal IS BACK!

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Hi there!

I’m delighted to announce that the Moving to Portugal blog is back in business!

As you’ll probably know if you’re a long-term follower, my wife and I moved back to England in 2015. We’re still there now, and recently added a second son to our growing family.

Since our return, I’ve wondered what to do with the website, and in recent months I’ve noticed that it’s still getting plenty of traffic, as well as a sudden uplift in enquiries from advertisers.

I’d known for a while that everything needed a revamp, so you’re now looking at an all-new, mobile friendly redesign 🙂

The main dilemma I faced was what to do about new content. In actual fact there was a simple answer staring me in the face all the time, which was to find new writers who do still live in Portugal to write it! I already have a couple of people lined up for this and I look forward to sharing their articles very soon.

The site runs on a shoestring budget, but I have a small fund with which to pay writers, so if you would like to earn a little extra by writing for Moving to Portugal, please feel free to contact meBe sure to include examples of your published writing and tell me a bit about you.

Moving to Portugal revamp



My other big priority for Moving to Portugal is to update the information on some of the pages that have been really popular with readers, such as the finding work in Portugal page (where I’m delighted to say the situation has improved considerably), and other well-read articles such as those about the cost of living. I’ll be getting to those personally in due course, but with two children now, this has to be very much a side project after I’ve earned the money to pay the bills!

On a practical note, I’m in the process of migrating existing subscribers away from FeedBurner and into my new email system. I appreciate that in many cases people may have subscribed years ago, so as soon as this is done I will send out an email giving anyone who wishes to unsubscribe the opportunity to.

Rather further off is a vague plan to work on a second edition of our Moving to Portugal book. We’re so pleased to have now sold several thousand copies – so a HUGE thank you to you if you bought one of them. The “second edition” of the book will be expanded to fully explain why we decided to move back to the UK, and how we’ve found it all since we returned. It will also have a large and updated practicalities section to take into account Portugal’s vastly different (and better) economic outlook, and some other “small” issues like…Brexit……..

So – those are the plans. Stay tuned to see how it all unfolds!

We miss Portugal ever so much at times, especially during the UK winter! The place remains close to our hearts, and it’s been nostalgic (to the point of emotional!) to read back through some of our posts while I’ve been revamping everything. It’s also been lovely to read back through the (mostly very pleasant!) comments. The site had a great community feel at it’s peak, and I’d most like to see a return of that.

So stick with us, and we’ll do our best to keep you entertained with lots of new Portugal content.

Ben Taylor, South East England, February 2018.

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  1. Welcome back Ben and congratulations on your new son.

  2. Aw thanks Saz 🙂 Nice to see your name again!

    Best wishes,


  3. Welcome Back! And Congratulations to you and your family on your son.
    England & Portugal – Anglo-Portuguese Alliance is the oldest alliance in the world that is still in force – will always be good allies – no matter what happens after the announced Brexit .
    By the way, what are your thoughts on the subject? – Brexit > Regrexit > No exit or No hEXITation? 😉 I look forward to your commenting or posting on the issue.
    Best Wishes,

  4. Hi Manuela!

    Brexit is one of those topics it’s probably best not to get me started on! Suffice to say I’m a staunch remainer and find the whole thing very depressing, especially in terms of how much it’s polarised the country. And as for the expats who live in Portugal and Spain who voted leave without seeing the basic irony – well I have no words! 😉

  5. Delighted to see your website is back. We’re planning a move later this year so I’ll be avidly reading (and re-reading) the articles on this site. There’s so much to think about, not least where to settle. Up to now we’ve only rented long-term in Albufeira (our longest winter stay being five months) but we can’t afford to buy a house there so we’re looking farther west or even along the Silver Coast (which we visited on holiday last year). Decisions, decisions. Hope everything goes well for you.

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