A Positive Removals Experience

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Last week saw us pass a very significant milestone in our lives in Portugal: the 5th of November marked the start of our fifth year in the country.

The “anniversary” found us reflecting on how much has happened since, and also caused me to nostalgically look back at the early days of our move – not just getting here, but preparing for the move as well.

The other day, someone on a forum asked for recommendations for a removal company, and I gladly recommended Algarve Removals, the company we used for our initial move over here.

Algarve Removals

We were guided very helpfully though the process, especially in estimating how many cubic meters of possessions we had to move. We had sold most of our large items in the UK, but it was surprising just how many boxes we still had. However, it’s also surprising just how much you can fit into a carefully packed cubic meter.

When the transit van arrived in South London, it really was the point of no return for us! We spent out last few days in England with a bare minimum of possessions – and we even borrowed a duvet for the final three nights that we took back to a friend en route to Gatwick airport.

We’ve since used Algarve Removals to move another couple of cubic meters of accumulated possessions, and also made use of their online shopping service.

Lots to unpack on arrival in Portugal

All we had to do was make a big order from Asda Online, and have it delivered to their Essex depot. A few days later, it had been brought on their weekly delivery, and we had the fun of driving to collect it from their Alcantarilha site and then arrived home to unpack many bags of much-missed foodstuffs!

The home shopping service works for all kinds of items, and companies such as John Lewis and Screwfix are all happy to deliver to their depot. The shipping costs are very low, and with many items costing much more in Portugal, it’s possible to make substantial savings.

So if you’re planning to move to Portugal, don’t worry too much about what you may or may not be able to buy here in the country. You only need to allow a few more days, and you can continue to shop from your favourite UK stores.

I can sincerely recommend the service from Algarve Removals after three trouble-free jobs – and there will be more. At some point next year we need to visit the homes of some family and friends and round up all the things people have been “looking after” for us. With four years under our belts and a baby on the way, I don’t think we’ll be going back to the UK any time soon!

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  1. Where has the time gone! Hoe you are enjoying the lovely weather over there. Watch out – we are coming over next weekend for three days, so expect rain 🙂 Saz

  2. I am intrigued as to what foodstuffs you miss? As we have yet to make the full time move we frequently convince ourselves we wouldn’t miss anything, and have found that shopping in Tavira meets all our needs. Perhaps we won’t know til we cant’t get?

  3. Hi Andy,

    I think the key is this:

    “As we have yet to make the full time move”

    If you’re frequently back in the UK, then you don’t get a chance to miss things. I’ve not been to the UK this year, so my desire for certain thinks is building, specifically:

    Smoked Mackerel
    Smoked Haddock
    Various hard to find herbs and spices
    Proper fish and chips
    Pecan nuts
    Thai Food
    Decent burgers (I know I can make my own, but I long for Gourmet Burger kitchen)
    ENGLISH Chinese food (this may make little sense until you get used to Portuguese Chinese food!)

    The list goes on….

    Some of the things can be found here, but often at a cost, or a long drive away.

    Conversely, once I’ve been in the UK for about 5 days I begin to miss Portuguese food!

    Best wishes,


  4. Hi Saz,

    Hmmm….long term forecast not looking fantastic. Hope you’re luck with the weather!

    Best wishes,


  5. Mange tout, sugar snap peas, good cider!

  6. I’d also recommend Algarve Removals as we were very pleased with their service – very helpful and friendly. The guys loading the lorry had to do some extra packing as we had run out of time, and they did a sterling job on a miserable wet day.A couple of items got damaged, but they cheerfully came and collected them and repaired them with no quibbles. One was a moulded picture frame (despite careful packing), and you’d never know it had been mended.

  7. Thanks for sharing your experience jpduck – they have certainly done a great job for us each time. ‘Helpful and friendly’ is definitely spot on 🙂

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