Moving to Portugal – What was your Inspiration?

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For us, moving to Portugal was something we decided to do for a number of reasons. We had holidayed here several times and loved the scenery, the food and the sunshine. We are both beach people, so we loved the idea that we could live close to the sea. We were also tired of the ‘work till you drop’ pace of London and were ready for an improved work/life balance – one where we had time to hold hands and curl our toes in the sand.

Life in Portugal - time to notice prints in the sand
Life in Portugal – time to notice prints in the sand

Four years later, we still love our life in Portugal. Yesterday we spent the day at Praia da Rocha, the beach that first inspired us to think about emigrating. Despite it being October, the sun was beating down and the sea was shimmering with a million tiny sparkles. A handful of late season tourists were scattered across the sands and a few brave souls (my brother included) ventured into the sea, which last week’s bad weather has served to cool considerably. It was the perfect lazy Sunday and exactly what we had in mind when we moved here.

Given our love of Portugal and our own personal adventure of moving here, we were intrigued when approached last week by Meravista – the largest online portal for Algarve property – to support the promotion of their survey on why people have moved to the Algarve. The Meravista survey delves into why expats have selected the Algarve as their destination of choice, as well as examining topics such as their experience of working here and how they like to spend their free time.

The team at Meravista are looking to hear from a wide range of expats, of all ages and nationalities. The survey takes just a few minutes to complete and participation will help to improve understanding of just what it is about the Algarve that draws so many of us here to stay. As if that weren’t motivation enough, entrants can also elect to take part in a prize draw, where three winners will be selected to receive a case of wine after the survey closes on 9 November. Those wishing to take part can access the survey here.

Praia da Rocha - those sparkles never get boring
Praia da Rocha – those sparkles never get boring

As we’ve somehow arrived at Monday again, we have another long week of work ahead of us before there will be sufficient time to go out and play in the sun. Still, I’m sure we’ll find time to squeeze in a lovely, relaxed mid-week barbecue with a few family members who are currently here on holiday. Compared with what we would have been doing on October evenings if we had remained in London, sitting out on the balcony with a glass of wine while the smell of sardines drifts across to us from the grill really doesn’t sound too bad 🙂

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  1. Arrived back Sunday after 2 wonderful weeks in Cabanas and would love to move there one day and my inspiration is to find Mata de Conceicao as yet again it could not be found.

  2. Moved here when I won some money on the Irish Lotto, then I met the love of my life, we got married 2 years ago and are very happy.

  3. Hi!!
    This is Emmy from Portland, Oregon! I’ve emailed with you a couple of times in
    the not so distant past. I am in Portugal now. Just arrived yesterday, and q
    happened to get your listserve email today. Would be fun to meet you for a glass of
    wine, if I am anywhere near you! You have been so inspirational to me!! My friend and I are staying at a sweet little cabin not far from Lagoa/Porches. Are you near there? I have
    a car and can travel! If not, no problem – just an idea that seemed like
    a possibility


  4. Hi Paul,

    For an area as big as Mata de Conceicao is, it really is hard to find! There are about four signposts to it from the main road, but we have ended up driving in circles on more than one occasion while looking for it. It’s all worth it once you find it though 🙂

    Best wishes, Lou

  5. Hi Emmy,

    Thanks for your message. I will send you an email 🙂

    Best wishes,


  6. Hi Sarah,

    What a lovely story – thank you so much for sharing 🙂

    Best wishes, Lou

  7. Thanks Lou
    I will get in touch on our next visit and employ you as a guide and you can then share our picnic when we get there.
    Paul lol

  8. Paul, I think if you had seen the state of our muddy and scratched car after our visit there (it seems I’m not good at turning round when surrounded by trees), you might not be so keen for me to act as your guide, lol! I do hope you find your way there to, as it’s a wonderful place to explore 🙂

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