It’s Good to be Back

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Today finds me still somewhat disorientated after just returning from our holiday in the USA, where we visited New York (VERY cold) and Florida (very warm).

I won’t dwell on the holiday itself, wonderful though it was, as this is a blog about moving to Portugal. Suffice to say we had a great time and created many memories. I have scattered a few photos across this post.

A change from Algarve scenery
A change from Algarve scenery

Instead, I’m going to list five reasons why I’m glad to return to Portugal. When we lived in the UK, we used to find the end of a holiday awfully depressing. Now that we genuinely love the place we live, the sadness of the end of a holiday is mixed with genuine joy at being “home” – and that’s definitely a good thing.

So, here are five reasons why I’m happy to be back in Portugal:

1. I NEED fresh food now. We spent ages looking forward to burgers, New York pizza and the International House of Pancakes. Now that I’ve been there and done it, I want fresh fish, food that isn’t fried and, most importantly, I want salad and vegetables.

No more of these for a while
No more of these for a while

2. I love having space around me – on the beach, on the pavements and on the roads. The sheer human traffic in both New York and Florida was exhilarating for a while, but I prefer the Algarve’s slow pace.

3. I have my own bath back, with its comfortable slope at the back – and my own toilet, which is always nice.

Whimsical characters - or my own toilet
Whimsical characters – or my own toilet?

4. The first thing I see when I’m nearly at my front door on returning from the airport is a bright sea vista, as wide as the eye can see, as I head down from the motorway towards Tavira. When I lived in the UK, the equivalent landmark was Tolworth Tower. There’s a photo here for those without knowledge of South West London:

Our pre-Portugal, post-holiday landmark
Our pre-Portugal, post-holiday landmark

5. There are loads of things I want to get on with now! As expected, our holiday gave us time to regroup and reprioritize. Now we’ve made those plans I’m keen to get them underway. First, however, we have trips to Ikea and clothes to sort out.

All in all, I feel surprisingly upbeat considering our holiday is over – certainly more than I would be if our final destination yesterday had been London rather than Lisbon. It’s good to be back.

Until next time NYC
Until next time NYC

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  1. Welcome back ! Glad you had a wonderful time, but happy to hear you are so happy to be home in Portugal. Saz

  2. welcome back! we missed you!!

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