Living Abroad – a New Start

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Hi, it’s Louise here with my first Moving to Portugal post. Happy New Year to you all 🙂

There’s a feeling of Spring in the air today – a feeling of fresh starts. As I sipped my morning tea on the balcony, the sun seemed a little warmer, the birdsong a little louder. Perhaps it’s that I’m adjusting to my new freelance lifestyle, but something about being outside this morning took me back to when we first moved to Portugal – to a time of uncertainty over the future, but one full of excitement, hope and possibility. A new start, in a new country.

Living abroad - winter sands
Living abroad – winter sands

I noticed it yesterday too. We went for a quick stroll along the beach to build up an appetite for dinner. On the way, I noticed blossom on the trees beside the road. At the beach, I was captivated by the view, the sound of the sea and the countless tracks of little bird-prints crisscrossing the sand.

When you’ve been living abroad for a while, it can be easy to forget to take time to stand and stare. Real life gets in the way – the apartment needs cleaning, the shopping needs to be done or the endless paperwork needs yet more attention. Yesterday though, we ignored it all and went to the beach, reminding ourselves of why we moved here in the first place.

I love Portugal’s beaches at this time of year. They stretch for miles with only a few people in sight, mostly locals looking to catch something for dinner. The waves shimmer in the sun and in the late afternoon the shore turns pink as the day begins to fade. A stroll along the beach feels therapeutic and the sand and sea stretching into the distance provide space to think.

Living abroad - January beaches
Living abroad – January beaches

I have a tricky year ahead. Unlike my husband, I’ve always worked ‘for the man’ and right now the vast possibilities of working freelance feel a little overwhelming. I need to change my mind-set and embrace uncertainty, something I’ve never been particularly good at. It’s an exciting time, of course, but also an anxious one. Still, as I stood on the balcony breathing in the scents and sounds of Spring, I couldn’t think of anywhere I would rather be in order to face it.

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  1. wishing you both much happiness and success this year – and you are so right to take the time to take some deep breaths, soak up the warm sun and enjoy the moment … and be positive about all that lies ahead of you!
    best of luck!

  2. Thank you Aly – I know this year will be packed full of ups and downs, but we certainly intend to face it with a positive spirit and enjoy all that Portugal has to offer 🙂

  3. lovely post. Happy New Year to you guys! … I clearly have some catching up to do (shortly!) but wishing you every success. Embrace your new direction, you’ll be fine 😉 PS. LOVED the book… I will endeavor to give it some exposure in anything relevant that I write this year!!!!

  4. Happy New Year to you too Alice and all good wishes for the year ahead. I’m glad you enjoyed the book – thank you for your kind feedback 🙂 Best wishes, Lou

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