Bom Ano Novo from Portugal

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Hello, and a very happy new year (bom ano novo) from Moving to Portugal.

Whether you’re new to the blog, or if you’ve been following our move from the start (thank you!), I’m pleased to announce some exciting plans for the year ahead.

We’ve now been enjoying our “new” life in Portugal for over three years. As such, a lot of things about living here aren’t quite so “new” to us any more. With this in mind, we intend to alter the focus of the site slightly in the coming months.

Our first day in Portugal
Our first day in Portugal

While we’ll continue to provide regular updates on our life here in the sunny Algarve, we will also be stepping up the kind of content that we know people are looking for when they arrive at the blog after searching Google.

We can tell from the statistics that our posts about things like cost of living, gaining residency and the weather are amongst our most popular. We’ve taken that on board, and intend to supplement our updates, news and political rants with plenty more of this practical information.

The perceptive amongst you will have noticed my use of the word “we” several times in the above paragraphs. There’s a reason for this.

The old hands reading the blog will know that my wife Louise co-wrote our recently released book about moving to Portugal. Here’s a link to it in case you are interested 😉

Moving to Portugal: How a young couple started a new life in the sun – and how you could do the same

Readers in the US and Canada can find it here.

Louise has received some wonderful feedback and reviews relating to her work on the book. She has also, in recent weeks, changed her employment status from “working for the man” to “freelance consultant.” As such, she now has a little more free time, which she will be spending working with me on the Moving to Portugal site. This means more frequent updates, and a whole new perspective on our life here, which we both hope will take this blog to the next level.

Louise is delighted with the feedback on the Moving to Portugal book
Louise is delighted with the feedback on the Moving to Portugal book

We have other plans too. In the coming weeks, there will be a long overdue cosmetic revamp to the site and an updated design. We also intend to step up the content on our sister site, Food and Wine Portugal. Hopefully that will give those of you with an interest in Portugal plenty to read and look forward to in the months ahead.

With all this free content on the way, you may like to Subscribe to movingtoportugal or follow our Twitter feed – just to make sure you don’t miss out on anything interesting! We look forward to sharing our life in the sun with you over the coming year.

Best wishes

Ben and Lou

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  1. sounds perfect! I am sure the re-vamp and new content will go down well with readers
    Wishing you both a healthy happy and fantastic 2013 as you begin the next stage of life in the Algarve – and good luck Lou!

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