Moving to Portugal – The Book Launch

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I’ll make this post reasonably quick, as it’s not my intention to turn this blog into a repetitive book-plugging machine!

However…Moving to Portugal – the book, is now fully available in both printed format and on Kindle. The book tells the tale of our first two years in Portugal and also includes a host of practical information about moving abroad.

UK readers can find Moving to Portugal in both formats here:

Moving to Portugal: How a young couple started a new life in the sun – and how you could do the same

Readers from other European countries should find the book on their own regional Amazon site.

US readers can find Moving to Portugal here.

The Moving to Portugal Book
The Moving to Portugal Book

I also have some copies to send out directly, so feel free to contact me if you have any trouble getting hold of one.

Louise and I are delighted to have already sold a pleasing number of copies and have received some lovely reviews that make the time spent writing the book worthwhile.

Last week, we were excited to receive our first pile of author copies. Fellow blogger Alyson Sheldrake of the Algarve blog has very kindly provided us with the opportunity to sell these at the Portugal 365 art exhibition, being held at the Holiday Inn in Armacao de Pera from 21st to 26th September. Even if you are not remotely interested in the book, I would urge you to visit if you are in the area to look at Aly and Dave’s wonderful art and photographs.

As time goes on, I am in the process of finding other outlets for the book within Portugal and hope to arrange a formal launch and signing later in the year.

A huge thank you to everyone who had already bought the book and those who plan to in future!

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  1. One thing that was never mentioned in the book was driving liences did you have to take your exam again as I understand a uk licence is only valid for 6 months if visiting?

  2. Hi Simon,

    I’m not sure what the situation is if you are visiting as a tourist. If you move here, you have to go to the IMTT (equivalent of DVLA) and register your UK licence to your Portuguese address, as a UK license becomes invalid if you do not live at the address printed on the photocard.

    It’s a quick an easy thing to do and doesn’t require you to retake a test.

    Best wishes,


  3. Hi Ben & Louise,
    I have just finished reading your book.
    Although this book is intended and shaped for an English public I have to say, and as a Portuguese (Coimbra), living in Holland, I did enjoy reading it, really.
    I have recognized many of the struggling of such move as I have encountered some of the same issues when I moved to Holland. From a Portuguese perspective, this book is definitely helpful, not only for those who want to move to Portugal as well as it is for all of those who just had enough of their own country.
    Greetings from Eindhoven,

  4. Hi Carlos,

    I’m so pleased you liked the book and found it helpful. It’s interesting that you could relate it to your own experiences too, even though you were moving from Portugal to Holland rather than moving from England to Portugal.

    Best wishes, Lou 🙂

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