A Little Fall of Rain

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Greetings from Portugal’s Algarve on a day that started out decidedly grey and rainy.

Sunday brought with it the first rain we had seen in several months. I’m going to have to confess that it made a delightful change. This may seem bizarre to those in the UK and I feel bad even saying it, but eventually, non-stop sunshine gets a little bit….dull.

Weather in Tavira - Something a bit different
Weather in Tavira - Something a bit different

I’ve been looking forward to rain for several weeks, if only to have the chance of a lazy sunday consisting of Nintendo and stew. I should, however, be clear that once this whim is out of my system I will be wanting the sunshine back.

The slightly unsettled weather is not as pleasing for our current guests, the third set this month. As I type, they are heading stoically towards the beach with a uniquely English kind of determination, so I hope the sun that has begun to poke through remains out for them.

Life has been very hectic, as is to be expected with so many guests. The few days when we’ve been alone in our apartment have been filled with work tasks – either getting ahead before people arrive, or catching up after they’ve left. It’s been fun and exhausting all at once, and, suffice to say, a serious detox will be in order once our current visitors depart for London.

A3 Art - A Wonderful Exhibiton
A3 Art - A Wonderful Exhibiton

Last week, we travelled to Armacao de Pera for the launch night of an art exhibiton, put on by fellow blogger Alyson Sheldrake and her husband Dave. Aly kindly offered to let me sell copies of Moving to Portugal (the book) at the exhibiton, and we spent an enjoyable evening looking at the art and photographs. We also had the opportunity to meet Tracy Hand and her husband (from the Hands in Portugal blog) – so it turned into something of a meeting of Portugal bloggers. I think Tracy and Aly were relieved to discover that I actually exist after all this time!

Our book about moving to Portugal has now been out for a month. We have received some lovely coverage and kind reviews and have hit our target of selling over a hundred copies in the first month. Our sincere thanks to everybody who has bought a copy. Anyone who has yet to buy one may be interested to know that Amazon are currently offering a ten percent discount:

Moving to Portugal: How a young couple started a new life in the sun – and how you could do the same
That’s about it from me for today, but it’s been good to find time to provide a proper update. Until next week.

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