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It rained at the weekend. Now, for those of you who don’t live in the Algarve, that won’t seem particularly interesting, but for August in these parts, it’s actually quite unusual.

Given that a lot of people move to Portugal for the climate (and it certainly played a large part in our own decision), it is strange how much your attitude to the weather changes once you get used to it.

After a couple of years, I have finally managed to get out of my system the urgent need to get outside as soon as I see the sun is shining. It is important to do this if you live here, otherwise it’s impossible to get anything productive done between June and October!

When I was in the UK recently, a friend said to me “what’s the weather supposed to be like when you get back?” My reply? “Hot, I imagine.” The fact is, once summer starts, I don’t really even check the weather any more.

I´m reluctant to say that I now take the weather for granted, but I have got used to this different climate.

Which is why rain in August came as such a surprise, and, it has to be said, a wonderful surprise too. It was fun to have to grab our BBQ food and run for shelter when the storm blew through. A day of rain turned out to be an unexpected treat, like a day of hot sunshine would in March in the UK. See how back-to-front our lives have become?

Algarve Portugal Weather - Back to Normal
Algarve Portugal Weather - Back to Normal

The following day, the rain had removed most of the humidity from the air, resulting in a cooler day (though perhaps the word “cooler” should be kept in perspective, given that we now call anything under 25C “cool.”) The bigger treat was a cool evening last night, which meant we could step IN from the balcony to a warm apartment, rather than in from a HOT balcony to a cool, air conditioned apartment. I can think of no better proof of our acclimatization than the fact that that in itself felt unusual.

So, what’s it like outside today? It’s back to normal: hot and sunny, with no change predicted for the next couple of weeks, which is fine by us. It was, however, wonderful to get a sneak preview of the change in seasons, and enjoy a cosy Sunday indoors, complete with newspapers, roast beef and Yorkshire pudding.

In conclusion, we had a splendid weekend, BECAUSE it rained. Strange.

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  1. It rained here too!

    Not quite so unsurprising though 🙂

    And definitely not so nice . . .


  2. My blog post was weather-related this week too!
    Funny how a bit of rain can affect you, eh?!

  3. It´s strange how you talk about Portugal. Portugal always seems wonderfull trough your eyes. A really tropical place, with a wonderfull wheather, an arabian exotic charm, etc. I almost feel tempted to move to Portugal (and i live in Portugal)…hahaha
    By the way, my parents have a summer house in Cabanas de Tavira. We are almost neighbours than.

    PS: I live 80km north of Lisbon. It´s raining for a month (most of the days, not all), with temperatures below 18 (during the day), and strong wind. An the strange fact is, comparing with Algarve, that it´s normal.
    Just an history curiosity. Do you know that Algarve used to be a separate kingdom from the rest of Portugal till the 19th century? It was called Kingdom of Portugal and the Algarve’s.

  4. I love rain and overcast days. I’d be no good with the sun and heat in Portugal. I do like the UK climate, probably one of the few things I actually like 🙂

  5. @Saz – we were in Leeds for a wedding last week, turns out it’s true about it being grim up North!

    @Tracey – seems how ever long we live here we will never stop being British about the weather.

    @José – It may have seemed tropical at first, but I’ve been through a couple of winters now so I know the reality 🙂

    @Dreamer – No, if you’re not a fan of the sun, I don’t think Portugal is the place to be!

    Best wishes all

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