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Apologies for my brief absence, which was caused by a busy couple of working weeks in the UK. I won’t go over old ground on this occasion by comparing life there with life in Portugal—I’m sure no one needs to hear the same thing six times per year. Suffice to say, on this occasion it was actually rather enjoyable, helped by some spring-like weather and lots of socializing.

London by Night, returning from dinner with friends
London by Night, returning from dinner with friends

When we arrived back in Portugal on Friday night, it felt a little disorientating , as it usually does.  I can never quite get my head around those days when 8am sees me rushing, slightly hungover, through London on the way to see a client, and 8pm sees us back in the Algarve picking up grilled chicken for dinner on our way home.

There is no real period of “re-entry” any more. Portugal definitely feels like home as soon as we arrive. Much of the weekend was spent pottering around the house, making everything clean and tidy ready for the weeks ahead, where we have a bit longer than normal to enjoy being at home before our next short work trip.

As per usual, our trip to England coincided with the best weather of the year so far in the Algarve. Seriously, if you want to find out which six weeks of the year will boast the best weather here, just ask us when we have to go to England – it happens every time!

Although we missed out on some sun, the “garden” on our terrace certainly didn’t. In just two weeks it had turned into a jungle! We were delighted to be able to pick an entire salad from our own plants on Saturday, complete with radishes and spring onions, which are like gold-dust here as they are so hard to find.

Portugal Peach Blossom
Portugal Peach Blossom

Out home-grown salad accompanied some barbecued fish from the market – tiny sardines and juicy skate wings.  This coupled with a bottle of sub-2 euro dry white wine got us right back into the pace of Algarve life!

Looking forward, the splendid run of UK bank holidays which is just round the corner marks some proper time off for both of us, and we will be exploring some more of Portugal and Spain in the next couple of weeks. After that important regrouping time we have to start playing the bureaucracy game again, with our tax return to submit and a car to buy. After excitedly completing our car finance application over three weeks ago, we have experienced total radio-silence from our bank, and in the interim there has been the small matter of the whole country going bust. So, needless to say, I am not hugely hopeful they are going to help us! For now though, we intend to enjoy the sunshine and use our time off to boost our resolve, ready for the red-tape fun and games that I am sure awaits us.

Have a good week.

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  1. “I won’t go over old ground on this occasion by comparing life there with life in Portugal”
    Oh go on, you know you want to 😉

  2. Good to see you back. We have kind of the opposite effect on the weather . . . our property manager always knows its going to rain whenever we come out to Tavira and doesnt put her washing out! However, its looking good for the Royal Wedding weekend, which is our next visit. If the weather suddenly turns for that weekend, you will know why!

    Are you still hiring a car when you need one or making do with the bikes?


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