A Weekend in Portugal

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Last weekend in Portugal was one of those times when I kept feeling very thankful for the life we have in this country.

On Friday evening we finished work and drove in convoy with the family over the border to Spain to do a pay-day shop in Carrefour in Cartaya. It takes upwards of 2 hours to get round this gigantic hypermarket and we left with Iberico ham, the most incredible bright green hand-produced olive oil and, most importantly, a large supply of traditional Spanish cider 🙂

On Saturday we took advantage of the wonderful (23c) weather and took a drive to Praia da Rocha. The drive was particularly fun as the warm day meant it was the first chance we had had to drive somewhere in the mother-in-law’s car with the roof off, so we went the long way along the N125 through the touristy bits of the Algarve which are yet to be mobbed for the summer.

Portugal Weekend - Praia de Rocha Sunset
Portugal Weekend - Praia de Rocha Sunset

Praia de Rocha was as beautiful as ever—a sunny day at this time of year is the best time to visit as very few tourists are about–there were however a couple of the usual hustlers on the main drag trying, with increasing urgency, to sell us fake iPods, bootleg cigarettes and pretend drugs.

Our barbecue on Saturday night didn’t go quite to plan. We had planned to shop in Portimao’s E LeClerc hypermarket but we completely failed to find it despite dozens of signs. After lots of 3 point turns, we ended up shopping very late in Olhao and eating at getting on for 11pm!

Sunday may well have been the best day of all. A perfect sunny day tucked away in the countryside where our family live. Bacon sandwiches, juice from oranges picked from the trees and a fun couple of hours of washing cars and playing with the hose to a soundtrack of Norman Jay and Dimitri from Paris CDs – bliss!

Portugal Weekend - Sunday Salad
Portugal Weekend - Sunday Salad

After a fine lunch of cold left over BBQ and salad, and a quick taste of the lemon marmalade being freshly made on the terrace, we headed home via the garden centre, and abandoned plans for Sunday dinner after a couple of hours of planting, choosing instead to let the tiredness win and eat nachos 🙂

Sometimes things come together and feel just right. Weekends in Portugal like the one just past were exactly why we moved here…roll on the next one.

Portugal Weekend - Orange Picking
Portugal Weekend - Orange Picking

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  1. I’m orange with envy. 🙂

  2. Sounds wonderful – v jealous!
    Leclercs – if you can get to the roundabout with maxmat on one side and the shopping centre with C&A on the other side (just down from the huge building site that will be the new Portimao retail park (opening soon?!) – then you just needed to take the exit off the roundabout that leads away from Portimao … If Maxmat is 7oclock and c&a is 5oclock then you want 12oclock exit(!!!) … Leclercs is about 400m up that road on the right…. As Alexander the meerkat would say … Simples!

  3. Aly, Thank you for the directions. Is Leclercs worth a visit?
    Best wishes

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