Happy New Year from Portugal

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So, it’s all over for another year. Time to dust off the laptop, and the running shoes, and return to normality.

We had a wonderful Christmas here in the Algarve and I think and hope that the extended and blended family we had with us enjoyed it as much as we did. I should give a special mention to my mother who conquered a forty-year fear of flying to make it here which made it all the more special.

Tavira at Christmas
Tavira at Christmas

Along with all our other wonderful gifts, my mother also brought a nasty flu-bug with her, which struck down 90% of us shortly after the big day, but at least we avoided the bugs until after the main event.

With fingers firmly crossed, I can report that so far although the Algarve weather has been mixed, we haven’t experienced the constant rain of last winter. In fact some days have been glorious. On boxing day (26th December,) we showed some of the family the beautiful hamlet of Cecela Velha (see photo below.) The following morning I was struggling to work out why my nose and forehead was dry and sore, until my wife pointed out I was mildly sun-burned – not what you expect straight after Christmas.

Moving into 2011, we unfortunately have to dedicate a lot more time to the more infuriating parts of Portuguese life – dealing with accountancy, tax and other hateful things – so expect a couple of grumpy, rant-filled posts in the coming weeks. My other big objective is to lose some more weight – I still seem to be in the Weight Watchers mind-set, so health and fitness is top of my new-year agenda, or at least they are once I finish eating my way through mount-chocolate in the living room – how dull and unoriginal!

Only time for a quick post today, so I will leave you with a few snaps of Christmas, Algarve style. Bom Ano Novo (Happy New Year!)

Flamingoes in the Ria Formosa, 23rd December 2010
Flamingoes in the Ria Formosa, 23rd December 2010
View from Cacela Velha, Boxing Day, 26th December 2010
View from Cacela Velha, Boxing Day, 26th December 2010
Montegordo Sunset, New Year's Day 2011
Montegordo Sunset, New Year's Day 2011

If you are in the mood for some more Algarve Christmas photos take a look at this post at Food and Wine Portugal!

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  1. Happy new Year – were you in Tavira for the fireworks – they were superb.

    On the way home to Stansted, we experienced the Speedy Boarding nightmare you have mentioned before, with two couples rowing over who was in front of whom in the queue (well, some people would call it a queue, more like a huddle). Very amusing to watch and makes you wonder why some people just cant lighten up a little bit.

    Anyway, hope you both have a good 2011 and i will look forward to rant filled blogs . . . .


  2. Hi Saz

    Sadly I didn’t see the fireworks as I was unwell, so all I saw were a few over the rooftops from the terrace. Disappointing as I saw them the year before and they were really impressive.

    Funny re. the speedy boarding – I find it the least enjoyable part of visiting the UK – am trying not to think about the fact it’s only 5 weeks till we have to go again!

    Best wishes and Bom Ano Novo


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