The Weather Outside is Frightful

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Tomorrow, all being well, we’re off to England for some pre-Christmas family festivities (yay,) and some work appointments (boo!)

For once we are looking forward to the trip back a little bit, helped by the fact the first thing we will be doing on arrival is shopping for and cooking a full traditional English Christmas dinner.

We are also really looking forward to seeing some of the snow everyone is talking about. We’re not bothered about seeing a lot (too much of it may mean the airport is closed,) but we really hope to see some, as there is almost zero chance of ever seeing any in the Algarve (though I’m sure I have read somewhere that snow has once fallen on the Algarve’s beaches – maybe someone could clarify?)

London in the Snow
London in the Snow

I’m not sure how prepared I am for the cold. Now we have acclimatised to the weather in Portugal, anything under 18C seems distinctly chilly, and we are surprised that after just a year, we have, as we wondered we might, joined the native Portuguese people in wearing jumpers and jeans as soon as the mercury goes below 20C, and looking in bemusement at tourists in shorts and flip-flops. We were those people just a year ago—it turns out just one year in a warmer climate is all it takes to lose that hardy British resilience to meteorological hardship!

So, for this visit to the UK we have already been packed for two days, needing to make sure we could fit thick coats and jumpers into our meagre Easyjet baggage allowance along with the family Christmas gifts.

Now all we have to do is head off tomorrow and hope the airports are open, and also keep fingers firmly crossed that we don’t catch any of the myriad colds and bugs that everyone seems to have in the UK at the moment – lots of vitamin C on the menu today…

So…..England again–these trips come around so/too fast. As ever I am excited to see people, but at the same time can’t wait to be back here in Portugal—home for Christmas.

Seasons greetings 🙂

Photo credit: John Curnow

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  1. “….there is almost zero chance of ever seeing any in the Algarve (though I’m sure I have read somewhere that snow has once fallen on the Algarve’s beaches – maybe someone could clarify?)…”

    More than once actually, but is really rare.

    Have a nice trip.

  2. Hope you enjoy the snow (and the cold). . . Stanstead seems to be coping quite well with the snow so I hope you are flying there and not gatwick, which seems to be floundering a bit!

    We come out for New year, so will be hoping for some mild weather then 🙂


    ps whats this new Captcha code thingy?

  3. Se ainda est]a por aqui no UK, e ainda pretende fazer o bolo rei pelo natal, é melhor levar açúcar.

    Não o há em Portugal de momento.

    como nós dizemos: “Quem vai ao mar, avia-se em terra”


  4. Hi Saz,

    I had to add the CAPTCHA code to prevent spam – I was having to manually delete thousands of spam comments every week, due to sad sad people with nothing better to do than clutter up the internet!

    We flew into Stansted and out of Gatwick, the opposite way around to usual, which worked out rather well as Gatwick was closed the day we arrived!

    Best wishes and merry Christmas


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