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There are some exciting days ahead for us in the coming days here in still very sunny Portugal. Some relatives of ours have purchased a property and will be joining us just ten miles down the road next week.

It will be wonderful to have family so close to us and I look forward to hosting lots of barbecues and showing everyone around our favourite beaches and restaurants!

This week has been a lot more settled than of late and it is great that the area has calmed down a bit after the hectic Algarve summer. Before the summer began, a couple of expat friends had said to us that the excitement of the summer rush would be fun for a few weeks and then become a little tiresome. It is fair to say they were spot on and we are glad that once again we can get near the pool and not have to queue for ages at supermarkets and roundabouts on the N125 road!

Cars - expensive in Portugal
Cars - expensive in Portugal

Another benefit of the change is seasons is that the shortage (or complete absence) of available hire cars has now ended and we are excited about having access to a car again to resume our exploration of the area. We intend to buy a car at some point soon but, as you may know, cars in Portugal are ridiculously expensive and we are still building up to handing over a large chunk of money for something that would have cost us half as much in the UK!

Tonight we are off for a fish feast at one of our favourite restaurants, Vela 2 in Tavira – see review here for more details. After a busy week of work I look forward to my fresh fish binge and some beach time this weekend.

Tomorrow my wife and I have been together for eleven wonderful years so we have much to celebrate in the next couple of days while we look forward to the arrival of some of our family, at the start of their own moving to Portugal adventure.

That’s about it by way of an update – have a great weekend!

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  1. How lovely to have relatives moving nearby. Our nearest ones are in Vilamoura, but are also currently just holiday homes.

    Vela 2 – my favourtie restaurant. Enjoy.


  2. Hi Saz,

    Vela 2 was as delicious as ever – I think I ate 5 fishes this time 🙂


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