Getting my fingers burned

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Firstly, a quick apology to anyone who may have been offended by last weeks article when I told readers of my blog about my scary experience on a banana boat. I was unaware, until a couple of friends contacted me from England, that someone had been killed on one of these in the UK last weekend, and my article may have come across as a little insensitive.

I wasn’t aware of what had happened in England and, had I been, I would have chosen different subject matter. My sympathies go to the family of the person who was killed.

The temperature here in the Algarve is dropping a little now as we get into autumn, and I can’t quite believe how fast the summer passed us by.

The past week was a busy one, with several evenings spent assisting our family members who now live a short drive away. We’ve had fun exploring their new place and enjoyed the feeling of looking at where we live through fresh eyes, which always happens when we are showing people round.

In fact it was a really pleasant week, despite being so busy. Until Saturday night…..

Cooking tasty sardines in an outdoor kitchen, I fried the last couple in a pan as the barbecue was starting to lose its heat. As I transferred the cooked sardines to a serving platter, I

Hot oil - ouch...
Hot oil - ouch...

somehow managed to deposit the sizzling hot oil all over my right hand.

For those in any doubt, second degree burns hurt a fair bit, and sleeping with one’s hand suspended in a bowl of water is challenging (though somewhat amusing to my wife who saw me scratch my face in the night and splash water over myself.) I am pleased to report that having your hand in cold water while you are asleep does NOT, as the urban myth claims, make you wet yourself, or at least not in my case!

I now have a rather fetching series of blisters and am having to do a lot of things with my left hand (certainly providing readers with plenty to giggle childishly about this week aren’t I?!)

So, other than to say we have two lots of visitors lined up for the next two weeks and lots of activates planned, including kayaking around the Ria Formosa, which I am very much looking forward to, I am going to stop typing for today, as it hurts a little bit! Back next week with tales of our adventures.

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  1. funnily enough I burnt myself this week too on the cooker and found one of those frozen cooler wraps you put round wine bottles very handy ! Hope your hand gets better soon.

    Sadly our flight has been cancelled today due to the French air traffic controllers, so holiday delayed by a day! ho hum


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