I Love the Sea

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My wife and I are both committed water-babies and we love being so close to the ocean. If, in years to come, we end up anywhere other than Portugal, I will make sure we don’t end up somewhere land-locked again.

We are delighted that, even after swimming in the sea at least twice a week for several months, we never experience the same conditions. The colour of the sea and sky is different every

Beach - I Love the Sea
Beach – I Love the Sea

time and the size and style of the waves offers constant variety too.

You get still days when the water is crystal clear and tinged with shades of green – sometimes on these days fish brush your legs as you paddle around in the shallows. You get days when gentle waves keep you bobbing around contentedly in the sun – ideal for spending hours sitting on something inflatable.

Days like last Saturday are probably my favourite – days when huge waves can knock you off your feet as you get into the water and it’s a very pleasant work-out just endeavouring to stay still – every wave giving you the choice: swim under it, swim over it, or let it take you towards the shore, ready to be knocked over by the next one.

Hours spent in a glorious sunny state of fear-tinged excitement – activity that costs nothing and is healthy too (or at least until you start on the caiprinhas at the beach bar!)

Sometimes guests ask us if we think one day we’ll get bored with days on the beach. I don’t think we will. Sometimes we take a Frisbee, sometimes a wake-board, sometimes an Ipod and other days we just give in and buy an English newspaper to read! Each of these beach days feel different to us, and that’s before we even start on picnics, walks and hiring kayaks.

No, I don’t think I will ever get bored of the beach..and if I do, I’ll go to a different one 🙂

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