Going Native – Sucking Prawn Heads

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It was a few days ago, sitting in one of our favourite restaurants, Sabores De Ria in Cabanas, that it struck us that in some ways we are becoming “more Portuguese” after living here for nine months.

Given that the discussion was prompted by the fact we were enjoying a plate of prawns and sucking the juices from the heads as well as enjoying the meat of the prawns, we decided that in some ways we are indeed “going native.”

Here is a list of a seven ways we are becoming more “local”…..

1. As previously stated, we now suck the heads of prawns. Disgusting to some I am sure, but very tasty indeed.


2. Still on the subject of food, our mouths seem to have developed the ability to hunt down small stray fish bones and move them to the front for discreet removal.

3. We now insist on parking as near to the hypermarket entrance as possible despite there being plenty of easier parking spaces a little further away.

4. We (finally) walk more slowly than we did in London – it’s hot.

5. It now makes perfect sense to us that people do a lot of their shopping when Brits would consider it to be “night time” – it’s hot.

6. It is fair to say we drink wine like it is water – thankfully it doesn’t cost much more than water. We also struggle to understand why anyone would order anything OTHER THAN wine to accompany a meal.

7. We are starting to get irritated by tourists – just the odd quiet five minutes in the communal pool that we have to ourselves the rest of the year would be splendid 😉

Not a complete transformation but some early signs. I wonder if we will be complaining that it’s cold by November when the temperatures are down to the low 20s?! Time will tell.

We have a run of a lot of work and family visits coming up over the next week or so, so I may be a little quiet for a while – I’ll be back really soon 🙂

Photo Credit: Glen MacLarty

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  1. Hi, interesting about the prawns heads. I remember one of my school friends, about 35 years ago (erk, thats a bit scary) telling me that sucking the heads was delicious. I have never tried it (it always looks a bit gunky in there!) but will give it a go when we come out in September.
    Hope you manage to get a nice quiet swim in the pool soon. You will just have to spend more time at that secluded beach you found. (go on, give us a clue where it is 🙂


  2. Hello! I’ve eating prawns, yes, but never sucked their heads;) next time you will probably try to eat “jaquinzinhos” small fried fishes. Some eat their heads too, not me, lol, I guess I’m not so typical portuguese at some food aspects.

  3. Never mind the 20C but the rain – last winter was 3 months with rain – impossible to dry the towels without a dryer.

    Never the less I know I will complain about the 20 or 15 even though I am from Scandinavia 😉

  4. Hi Susanne,

    Thank you for visiting the blog. Yes, we didn’t expect the rain last year at all – here’s hoping for a dry winter this year!

    Best wishes


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  5. Hi there!

    I think the small fried fishes are what we would call whitebait in the UK – you eat the lot, heads, bones and everything. I haven’t seen them here but when I do I will be having some 🙂

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  6. Hi Saz,

    You’ll have to let us know how you get on with the prawn heads.

    As for the beaches, now it is August I don’t think there is anywhere the masses haven’t found – we are staying close to the apartment and terrace until September until the hordes disperse 😉



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