It’s Getting Hot in Here

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It’s time for a little confession. I have been reluctant to admit to this but it is important I give readers planning to move to Portugal a fair and honest assessment of our time here including the good and bad – so here goes:

This past week we have been struggling, a little tiny bit, with the heat. There you go, I said it.

Hot, hot, hot
Hot, hot, hot

Having complained about the English climate for years, it feels awfully ungrateful to complain in any way about a constant blue sky, temperatures in the low 30s every single day and not so much as a hint of rain, but the relentless heat does have its drawbacks.

It’s important to emphasise that when we have friends here and are spending days by the pool, in and out of the sea and relaxing on beaches, the heat isn’t a problem at all. It is more the times when we have work and chores to do when it is a bit of a struggle.

Mainly it is the nights. When for weeks it rarely goes below 25C in the middle of the night, sleeping becomes a problem, and even if you accept a huge bill for air conditioning, it is not a perfect solution. Air conditioned air is not particularly good for you, and if you inadvertently fall asleep with it on, you make up with a sore throat and not feeling particularly tip-top.

It is reassuring to see that it doesn’t just seem to be us. We walked into town the other day and there seemed to be a general air of lethargy amongst everyone from the Portuguese to the tourists. It is just a lot more effort to get anything done.

All this said, every day we feel more used to it, and we are working to wean ourselves off the air conditioning, relying more on fans and a water spray.

Watching the UK weather from afar in the past week – going from heat-wave and then back to grey and rainy reminds me what we left behind, and it was that sudden disappearance of summer that used to really get me down. I certainly wouldn’t want to swap back, even though I do have a secret desire to see a day of rain at some point!

Have a lovely sunny weekend.

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  1. Are you taking siestas now?

  2. When I was a kid and would spend my summers in Portugal, I wondered why people would often close the doors to their businesses in the afternoons for awhile. It makes sense to adapt your life to the climate–certainly resisting it can lead to some ugly consequences.
    (If you can make it through July and August in Algarve–you’ll be fine) Take care! Cristina

  3. You just need to recall the heady summer London days of overcrowded tubes stuck in tunnels, with the underseat heating ON!

    V unpleasant 🙂

    Hope you get used to the heat soon. I often wonder how our ‘rentees’ get on in July and August as we have no air conditioning in our house. Mind you, if we did, you can bet your bottom dollar they would leave it on full blast (with all the windows open) whilst they are off down the beach.


  4. A very good point Saz lol, nothing would drag me back to that London commute. As you will see from today’s post I have packed in the whinging 🙂


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  5. No, we haven’t really got into the siesta thing, but our mealtimes have completely changed due to the heat : breakfast about 11am, lunch about 4pm and dinner about 10.30pm, once it has cooled down a bit 🙂

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  6. Hi Cristina,

    Yes, we are definitely starting to get used to it. By November when it’s down to 21c we will probably be wearing jeans and scarves and laughing at the “crazy” English people in their shorts and flip flops 🙂

    Best wishes, Ben

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