Algarve in Summer

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As we look forward to another hot and sunny weekend, I thought I would write a quick post about the Algarve in the summer.

Busy Beaches
Busy Beaches

We have never been here in July or August before, so the last couple of weeks have been something of an eye-opener.  Trips to anywhere west of Faro are off the menu until September, after our last trip to Praia De Rocha since the tourists descended en masse resulted us using the word “hellhole” without any hint of irony.

We are lucky to live at the quieter end of the Algarve where, although the holiday-makers are very much in evidence, the character of the area seems to survive, and the bulk of the boozy teenagers are kept contained in certain bars!

At the moment, this new summer vibe is pleasing, and the holiday mood rubs off on us in a good way (except for when there’s no room around the pool downstairs!)

It is also good that our ability to speak some Portuguese separates us out from the tourists, and we are quite enjoying showing off our language skills in the butchers and fishmongers!

Weather wise – no complaints here! We had been a little concerned it may be too hot for us, and it may well get hotter in the coming weeks, but so far we seem to be adjusting very well to temperatures in the low to mid 30s every single day. It is surprising how quickly you get used to it – to the extent that if it is 35C one day and drops to 31C the day after you almost wish it was slightly warmer.

The nights are not so straightforward, and we have had some where it hasn’t dropped below 25C in the night and is back to 32C by 9am. These nights, it can be tricky to remain asleep without keeping the air-conditioning on constantly, which isn’t good for the skin or the wallet! All in all though, we are loving this new climate and suspect that by the autumn we will be joining the Portuguese in their jackets and scarves and looking strangely at visitors wearing flip-flops when it’s “only” 23C!

The jury’s out as to whether we will continue to enjoy this complete change of pace and invasion of our new local area – either way you can be sure I will let you know.

Have a lovely weekend.

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  1. Hi, hope you enjoy the rest of the tourist season. . . we made a conscious decision never to be in Tavira in July and August as had heard its a nightmare, (nothing to do with the nice lot of rent we get for that period – natch! )

    We went to Geronimos when we were last over and thought that the new waterfront was lovely – a real improvement.

    On a separate issue, I know that you and your wife travel around quite a lot around Portugal. We have managed to double book our house in October and have a week to do some exploring in Portugal. The plan is to drive up to Lisbon and stay in various places on the way there and back. Do you have any recommendations at all? We plan to stay a couple of nights in a Pousada, but not sure which one yet!


  2. Hi Saz,

    Do you mean Quasimodos?

    We had a lovely stopover in Evora – a beautiful walled city and stayed at this nice boutiquey place, which had the best hotel breakfast I have ever experienced:

    It is a lovely city to wander round – if you go, try to check out this place:

    Only thing is, I image inland Alentejo could be rather hot at that time of year…

    Have fun, whatever you end up doing 🙂

    Best wishes, Ben

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  3. Thanks Ben,I will certainly look at those websites. Evora was one of the places we were looking at and its always great to have ‘insider knowledge’. I am sure it was Gerinimos, but could be wrong. It was the last restaurant on the seafront (to the right if you are looking from the beach). V nice place though. Locals were queuing up to get in, whilst the restaurant next door was empty.


  4. Hi
    It’s just to inform you that ISLA is the spanish word for ILHA, island in portuguese. So it’s Ilha de Tavira

  5. Ooops, sorry and thanks for the correction 🙂

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