A Busy Month in Portugal

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Just time for a quick update today. April has been our busiest month since arriving in Portugal – three groups of visitors back-to-back, with just enough time to make our home presentable in between times!

It has been wonderful to share our new life with some of our nearest and dearest and as usual it has made us freshly appreciate how lucky we are to be here in the Algarve. We have introduced people to their first iberico ham, shared a range of potent Portuguese liqueurs, and, best of all, enjoyed joining some dear friends on their first expedition to the beach with their 8 month old baby.

SuperBock - no shortage of this at the moment
SuperBock - no shortage of this at the moment

It is strange having so many people here because the house feels so alive one moment and then strangely quiet and empty the next – it then takes a couple of days to adjust back to having the place to ourselves. It doesn’t help that at the end of our visits we have to go on yet another whirlwind trip to the UK to attend a friend’s wedding (volcanic ash permitting!)

One other thing we are learning quickly is that when people come to visit it means they are on holiday – that in turn means they intend to eat and drink at holiday pace. Whilst it is wonderful to have this infectious holiday feeling around all of the time, I don’t think it is doing our livers or waist-lines an awful lot of good! We have to enforce alcohol-free days and a strict salad-eating regime between guests!

Next month is a quiet one, as we have no more guests until June, so we intend to have a nice, quiet month. We will try not to spend all of our month’s money by the 15th, accept that we have now had enough restaurant meals to last until Christmas and eat a lot of cheap, healthy food. This is the intention anyway! Let’s see how it goes 🙂

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  1. I couldn’t agree more april has been really hectic for us too and it feels like we have hardly stopped for weeks.

    We live in Silves which is in the central region and moved from the not so sunny manchester so it is nice to read about a fellow expat.

    kind regards


  2. Hi and thanks for reading! Funny how noone wanted to come and visit during the wet winter, we can’t keep them away now 😉

  3. Sounds like you are having a fantastic time there. All that eating and drinking. 🙂 I guess having visitors is all part of the moving to Portugal experience. It was going to happen. It’s a great thing, but I guess you will also appreciate the quiet time too. Cycling that long route you were talking about should solve any waistline issues 😉

  4. Hope your flight to the UK is OK. We are flying in to faro from Stanstead next Tuesday for a week, so we are also keeping our fingers crossed. Glad the weather remained OK for you to take your friends to the beach. Enjoy those salads.


    ps I am sure Vinho Verde has hardly any calories 🙂 (thats what I tell myself anyway)

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