Here comes the sun / rain again….

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When people come to visit us in Portugal it always gives us a chance to re-evaluate our decision – it encourages us to view the place through their eyes and is a good chance to take stock. After a slightly complicated Christmas (see previous post,) and torrential rain, we were most grateful that our relatives brought some sunshine with them!

Praia De Rocha - Early January
Praia De Rocha - Early January

We have spent a fantastic four days re-exploring our town and other parts of the Algarve, as well as sampling plenty of food and wine (for some new Tavira restaurant reviews see my new post at

Although the weather was only 13/14 deg C, the sun was blazing and on a day visit to Praia De Rocha we were able to sit outside (when shielded from the wind) and even fitted in some paddling!

As always, it was sad to see them go home – it always makes the house feel strangely empty when visitors leave, and gives us the same kind of “end of the holiday” feeling we used to get when leaving Portugal as visitors. Shortly after they left I looked out of the window, saw white houses and palm trees and almost had to pinch myself when I remembered that I don’t have to go “home” and that I still live here. It was a great feeling!

Unfortunately, it seems our visitors took the sunshine away again when they left as Sunday was another day of torrential rain, leaky window frames, and new patches of mould on the walls, but I am very happy that our guests were able to see the Algarve in the sun…

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  1. Hey there, im Alex, your other website directed me here and Im loving every second of it. Inspiring and discriptive, even printed out a map and trailed along with my finger where you live and where youve been. I thought that I lived in the mecca of the world, Southern California, good weather, laid back atitude but I think Ive met my match. Next week Ill be making my first trip to Portugal and going from Lisbon, to ALentejo down to Algarve. The tourism website the country provides is pretty good and we’ll be going by that. My folks live in France where Ive been for the last two months and I hear you on the weather thing, get me out of this freakin snow, as ive heard, England is even worse. Im looking forward to getting down there, I think one day I would like to even get some kind of time share or even a moderately priced flat. The cost of living from what I hear and what youve expressed is another major plus. I also surf and I hear theres great waves there. Hell, being that Im still young and single maybe I should consider finding a girlfriend down there haha. Keep typing away, lovin it and ill let you kow how my stay goes down there.

    Alex Sanjuan

  2. Hey Alex,

    Welcome to the blog and glad you are enjoying it. I hope you have a fantastic trip through Portugal – when in Lisbon try to have some piri piri chicken at Bom Jardim – cheap, and a Lisbon institution – and don’t forget to try a shot of Ginjinha! I’m sure you’ll have a brilliant time here and I hope the weather is good for you – it has been very wet but it looks like it is improving a bit now. If you want any suggestions of places to visit, feel free to get in touch via the blog.

    Best wishes, Ben

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