X Factor? Get me out of here…..

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It’s been a while since I moaned about London life and seeing as we leave in 9 days (typing that just pushed my heart rate up!) I imagine this will be my last little political rant….

As a TV show, I can’t say I actually have any issue with the concept of “The X Factor,” but the reason it is right up at the top of the list of “things I hate” right now is how it highlights the vacuous way of life everyone seems to be being encouraged to adopt.

Several times per day I am becoming tempted to deactivate my Facebook account as yet another of my friends posts some inane comment about “The  X-Factor.” Visiting the offices of my clients all I am hearing is chatter about “Miss Frank” or “The Twatty Twins.”  As if this wasn’t enough, the tabloid front-pages scream out more “X-Factor” exclusives everywhere you go.

All of this is producing within me emotions from mild depression to actual FURY! As well as religiously watching this drivel, people are voting on it, talking about it, twittering about it, reading about it and texting about it. Some of these people are my friends, and are, at least in some cases, quite level headed, interesting people. Are the government in some way complicit in allowing this nonsense to slowly rot away our collective intelligence?!

Some really significant stuff goes on in the world. The country is at war in a couple of places, the politicians and the bankers are all stealing our money, and the British National Party are on “Question Time,” yet nobody talks about any of that. People prefer to be anaesthetised for weeks at a time by the antics of wannabe fast-track celebrities, while Cheryl Cole and some others decide which one of the contenders gets to record a shit ballad for Christmas number one, thus financing Simon Cowell’s next party, and next teeth.

When people seem to be putting more thought into who to vote for in The X Factor than who to vote for to run the country, something has surely gone horribly wrong? I am really struggling with the fact that this isn’t glaringly obvious to more people around me.  The UK seem to have adopted apathy as the key lifestyle choice and “not my problem” as the collective mantra. Unless people begin to wake up and take more interest in the society around them than the sad little lives of Jordan and Kerry Katona, I really to fear for the future of our culture.

Moving back to the key topic of moving to Portugal, I am sad to say that, yes, they do have X Factor in Portugal (in fact across most of Europe and even “XSeer Al Najah” throughout the Arab world, according to Wikipedia.) The silver-lining in that particular cloud though, is that I won’t understand a word when people are talking about it. The same will go for politics – I am going to go out of my way to not know about it – that way I may not feel so cross all the time!

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  1. Ahhh that post was magic.

    People are sheep. Lets bury our heads in the sand and play with our mobile phones or post on facebook. Better still, I know lets tune out to life and plug into some inane music which drowns out our thoughts! Cant think, must not think too much, thinking for the sheep is dangerous, they just might get discontented. Much better to keep them distracted.

    “for the love of god, put down your tools people and look around you.”

    I cant wait to get the hell out of here too. But I havent a clue where i’m going.

  2. Hi Ben

    Good luck with everything, I am counting down the days for you. Isn’t it exciting 🙂

  3. lol your post is funny…but very right!

  4. Ah, yes! And imagine the horror of moving to the other side of the world only to discover…Australian X-Factor exists. Just as tacky but with a smaller ‘talent’ pool to draw on. Need I say more?!?

  5. Do I take it that you don’t want a text letting you know who won this year then?

  6. Indeed, I think I can live without 🙂 Thanks for checking out the blog 🙂

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