Progress, Ipods and Man-bags

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I am going to try to refrain from bitching about the UK in my blog for a while. Much as I would like to whinge about the 5 hours I spent on delayed London and Surrey overground trains today I am going to refrain. After all, this blog is supposed to be about our move to Portugal. Hopefully, once we get there the blog can be filled with pictures of sunshine and seafood and descriptive “A Year in Provence,” type content.  For now though, it’s all about the practical stuff – much like  life right now!

We have just 102 days to go! Things do seem to be falling into place – I’m sure it won’t all be plain sailing but our planning seems to be paying off. The savings are adding up, loose ends are being tied work/business wise and we are finally starting to see some space in the house – all of the ebaying and carbooting has finally started to show!

My new toy
My new toy

Last weekend was spent tied to the computer as I finally completed my efforts to finish digitising my significant CD collection as they are not coming with us. I can’t imagine throwing them out as my collection has been a labour of love, but they will be staying in storage in the UK. SO, I had to feed them to the computer one-by-one. When I was younger I would have loved this kind of thing, but as I work in IT, it does feel rather like being at work. It is wonderful to have it done though and I have treated myself to a 120gb Ipod Classic to store the lot. I am very much looking forward to hearing how much better my music sounds in the Portugal sunshine (having given up hope of summer returning here in London!)

While on the subject of Ipods – is it just me, or is it quite hard to pull-off dealing with an Ipod, phone and blackberry at the same time whilst travelling on public transport through a city? I seem to be permanently tangling myself up in wires, juggling gadgets and nearly dropping my train ticket at station barriers – add a coffee or sausage roll to the mix and I am truly stuffed and in danger of walking into somebody or (more likely) spilling something on myself. Am I just clumsy? Ipods are marketed as a very cool and trendy gadget but I fear that mine  is making me look rather undignified in public. I also have to permanently carry a “man bag,” as my only alternative is using every pocket of some combat trousers, resulting in them “riding low” and making me look like a slightly plump wannabe rapper.

I intended to go into some detail about our experiences of selling our clutter but I appear, as usual, to have gone off on a tangent, so I shall leave it there for now and save that for another day!

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