It's really not long now…and some economics

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Algarve orange trees
Algarve orange trees

It is now less than five months to move day. Things are now moving at quite a pace, and it seems especially real now people are starting to book flights to come out and see us after we have moved. We’ve got past the stage where we realised all the things we were going to miss about London – a tube strike, a few too many hangovers and the brief early summer rapidly turning back to grey, wet gloom soon got us back on the right track (the one that ends in Tavira!)

Five months really isn’t long, and I started thinking about everything we have got to get done. Aside from having to sell the contents of a house, a car, a business and an inflatable chill-out room, we have to book flights, arrange shipping of our things, and deal with far too many call-centers when we come to changing addresses and suchlike. We also have to continue living a pretty hectic city life and do all the various social things we just have to do because “we won’t be here next year.”

I am trying to decide on which units I should use to count down the time until our move to portugal. Which should I use:

1. Number of incoming work emails – I get around 525 per week so 10,500 emails.

2. Bottles of Magners cider to consume – about 160 (that figure probably half way between the true amount and what I would admit to the doctor!)

Portugal Mar09 180
Lisbon Cakes - better than Starbucks!

3. Remaining days to endure London’s transport network – 80- ish – now that IS exciting.

4.  Starbucks Frappuccinos –20 – (I’m down to one per week.)

5. Cigarettes – 1400 – REALLY have to give up before they are only 3euro per packet.

6. Sleeps – 140 – not including Sunday siestas

7. VAT Returns – 2 – Yay!

8. People who accidentally delete a file on their PC and blame the IT department – 27 approx.

9. Days of good weather – er, 3? The UK has been promised a good summer by the media but don’t they say that every year?

Can anyone suggest any more units of measurement?

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  1. Hi ben and apologies for taking so long to come over here. Wow you only have 5 months to go! I’m jealous. I have about 156 starbucks to, as I have one a week too 🙂

  2. Saw your invitation in the Coffee Shop feature of Google Groups Help Group, and decided to visit. Nice work.

    Spent much time in London during the 1980’s and traveled through France and Spain, but never made it to Portugal. However, spent lots of time in Brazil speaking Portuguese.

    Enjoy blogging.

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