My first ever post!

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Hello world!

My blogging hobby starts here. My wife and I are six months away from swapping our hectic London life for a new one in Portugal and here I hope to keep a record of everything as it happens.

At worst, I hope to be able to refer back in years to come and have a record of the most daring thing I think I have undertaken. At best I may manage to provide some entertainment and information to some fellow internet folk along the way. Maybe we will even end up with a record to show the children we hope to start having in a couple of years how clever mummy and daddy were to make sure they were born in sunny Portugal and not rainy South London. You never know!

Before I start I must admit to my blogging being inspired by a couple of other people – The Anchored Nomad whose Blog makes me laugh every time I read it whilst preparing me for some of the quirks of Portugese life, and Ellie Bowdery’s wonderful Algarve Shorts book which I believe also started out as a blog.



So an early thank you to both of these people for cheering up my remaining days in London – a place I will always love, but one I sadly don’t like all that much any more.

I have to go and prepare dinner for the wife now, I’d better make sure she doesn’t become a “Blogging-widow” during typing my first post! I tend to talk a lot, and I think my next post will be a long one, as I think I need to give a bit of background on how we came to make the decision to “make the move.”

Until then….

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  1. Wow how excited you must both be! Making your dream a reality… I am intrigued though – what work can you do remotely in Portugal? Hope fantastic!

    My partner and I hope to make a new life in Galicia, Spain one day. In the meantime we continue to look on with longing at people like yourselves who are making the move. Good luck with your new life in Portugal, I am sure it will bring you all you hope for and more.

  2. PS. I forgot to say, I will follow your blog with interest so keep up the good work!

  3. Hi Pumpkin Power,

    Sorry it has taken so long to respond to you! As you will see from the post I am about to put up, life is ridiculously busy and the blog has been somewhat neglected! The work my wife does basically involves writing long and very boring commercial documents – the dullest job in the world to most but she loves it! As long as we have a computer and an internet connection she can do her job – but we are incredibly lucky that her company are keeping her on on a UK wage. I do IT work which can also be done remotely.

    Thank you for reading my blog….and lots of luck for your plans for Galicia. If you didn’t see the “Cooks Tours of Spain” on TV I would really recommend trying to find it as they had a great programme on that area.


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