A bad day in London

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Today so far has been one of those days in London when I just cannot wait to leave. 3 specific things, all occurred before noon:

1. Walking past a shop to hear some charming teenager saying to the shop-keeper  “just don’t even talk to me blud, I’ll have to punch you innit?” Nice. How can people even have the energy to be so aggressive at 10am?

2. Being served in Starbucks by someone who managed to conduct the transaction without a please, thank you or hello and without really even aknowledging my prescence. So normal these days sadly. Rude cow.

3. The annoying woman opposite me in said Starbucks who has spent the last 30minutes either SHOUTING into her mobile phone or wetly sneezing into her pashmina. So nice.

Still, the new crepes they do are rather nice – small mercies and all that. Looking forward to getting to Portugal though where I can get a proper Uma Bica rather than a weak generic espesso, still it gives me an excuse to drink very fattening milk and chocolate based drinks. Hurrah!


Chocolate cream frappucino, no whipped cream
Chocolate cream frappucino, no whipped cream

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