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These days, I do rather a lot of writing about Portugal. If you are interested in the country or in moving abroad, I would suggest taking a look at my book:

Moving to Portugal: How a young couple started a new life in the sun – and how you could do the same

You will also find my writing on the shelves of your local newsagent on occasion in “A Place in the Sun” magazine. I also write regular expat content and Portugal newsletters for The Portugal Property Guide.

My most recent project is – a site dedicated to helping people find online and freelance work opportunities.

If you feel so inclined, you will find my portfolio of other writing work here on Contently.

I think that’s probably more than enough of my writing for anyone to digest, but if you want more I am available for freelance assignments, please contact me for details.

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  1. Hi Ben,

    Have found this blog , looks good , im going to start reading it from the start, i take it your in your 30s from what i have read.

    I moved to Madeira 5 years ago, really love it , but work very difficult. I lived in SW London.

    Have sent your bit on Madeira to our Main blog over here.


  2. Hi Tobi,

    Welcome to the blog – you have guessed our age correctly! We were in South West London as well, have lived in Wimbldeon, Morden and Surbiton – how about you?

    Best wishes, Ben

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  3. Dear Ben, I have followed your blogs with interest over the last year and wonder if you can help those who wish to make the permanent themselves,me included (I bought a place near Paderne earlier this year) by composing an article on living costs.I can be frugal but dont want to live without any treats but I am unsure as to say the minimum amount required monthly to live. If you can write an honest appraisal re food electric gas water petrol hobby costs I am sure others like me would be very appreciative. Thankyou Tim (golf04/05 on forums)

  4. Hi Tim and thanks for reading

    It is something I have been asked a few times and given personal replies, but I agree it would be a good thing to do a post on. Stay tuned and I will write about it over the next couple of weeks.

    Best wishes


  5. Hello!

    I love your posts and have been reading recetly as we are interested in moving for an opportunity in Alcobaca. I presently live in a peaceful 7 acre estate but have loved my life when liing in NYC. I can handle both extremes but fear the beauracracy about which you speak. Do you study thye language regularly? I have a 2 and 3 yr old. Any comments here?

  6. Hi Debbie,

    Sorry for the slow response – as you will see from my next post I’ve been in the UK for a couple of weeks. Thank you for reading. We do study the language but perhaps not as much as we should. Obviously the language barrier makes the bureaucracy harder to deal with!

    Best wishes

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  7. Hi Ben,

    Absolutely loving reading about your experience moving to Portugal. I currently live close to your old haunting grounds in Twickenham, but am hoping to move to Lisbon around about July time to live with my girlfriend.

    I’d love some advice if possible as I seem to be exactly halfway between you and your wife’s position work-wise; I’m keeping my job but have to start a company to invoice them… Now to do this in England, or Portugal?

    Would love to know your thoughts having read through several of your articles now.

    Best wishes,

  8. Hi Ben,
    I’m a Portuguese living in England, and I trolley understand all your adventures on that small and diverse country. I would like to point you to a different amazing areas such as the costa vicentina (from sagres to Lisbon, I believe), tras os montes, the serra da estrela, and cities as coimbra, Porto, evora, figueira da foz,….) adventure yourself and you would see, portugal is not only algarve.
    I really miss that corner of Europe…. Where every body looks happy and without problems. Miss the food, beach, the weekends parties (romarias), the Bica, … missing everything…
    Good luck to you( or maybe, to me, because I don’t know how I manage to live with this SAUDADE).
    Enjoy my Portugal as I’m enjoying your England, lol…
    Ps, take my advice, and try to discover the other Portugal as a Portuguese, and not a tourist, lollll.

  9. Hi Jose, thank you for your comment!
    Best wishes,


  10. Hi Ben, I have read your book twice and reading it again. We moved here last November to East Algarve and we are now living in Central Algarve. Are you and Louise still living in Portugal ?

  11. Hi Carole,

    Sorry for the slow reply – I don’t have much time for the site these days as we now have two children! We moved back to the UK at the start of 2016, mainly for that reason!

    Best wishes,


  12. Hi Ben,
    Have only just looked for your blog again today. My friend told me you had moved back to UK after having family. I bought your book back in 2016 before we moved to Portugal and found it really helpful. Did you stay working from home or get back into the rat race of a London ? Congratulations on your family.

    Best wishes

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