7 Positive Life Changes

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Clapham Junction - Not Missed!
Clapham Junction – Not Missed!

After my slightly negative post on Friday, it’s time to put my positive head on again to start the week. Also, I am either getting more used the weather or it has cooled down a bit, so no moaning from me today!

So to start my week filled with positivity. Here are….seven positive ways life has changed since we moved to Portugal:

1. My most frequently used method of public transportation is now a small boat that takes me to the local beach and back, sometimes with a light spray of sea cooling us down as we go. This certainly beats London Underground and South West Trains.

2. We now start each day with a drink on a sunny balcony, rather than in a car, hating every other human-being on the A3.

3. I often have time to have lunch at a table – rather than lunch which is encased in pastry and eaten whilst walking and checking emails on a handheld device.

4. Swimming is now something we do almost daily rather than something we just do on holiday.

5. Our main method of cooking is outside on a barbecue rather than the wok in the Chinese takeaway down the road.

6. We look tanned and healthy, rather than drawn and anaemic.

7. We get to wear shorts and flip flops every day without the risk of coming home with trench-foot.

As always, for sense of balance, here are a few things that aren’t quite as good.

1. We have a LOT less money.

2. We now frequently buy meat that we discover is off when we get it home and have to throw it away.

3. We have to be a lot more organised in terms of making sure we have what we need at home – no 24 hour Tesco’s for us any-more!

It’s really not bad at all. My little whinge last week should only be viewed as a blip 🙂

Have a good week.

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  1. Hi there,

    “…We now frequently buy meat that we discover is off when we get it home and have to throw it away…”

    Really strange that. You need to have a good look and search for a better place to buy your meat. Have a talk with some of your new portuguese friends, and see what they have to tell about this. They might suggest you someone you can trust.

    I am surprised this is still hapenning despite ASAE is in place…..hummmm

  2. Well, I think wherever we are and whatever we are doing there are ups and downs – your ‘very minor’ blip last week went by hardly noticed 😉

    Sounds like you have pretty much got everything sussed and what a life! boat and no money or tube and loadsa money? hmmmm, now there is a difficult choice to make! I often can’t believe that all over there are these little worlds where people are actually choosing to live and take notice and simply ‘be’, and they have probably always been there, it’s just taken us all a while to find them.

    Enjoy your wonderful life and as for the meat… well, you could always go veggie 😉 *he he*

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  3. Hi CcoR

    Sadly, it is from a variety of places from supermarkets to local butchers – but perhaps we are getting better at looking at the meat – so far this week nothing thrown away 🙂



  4. Hi Alice – thank you for your good wishes!

    I think my wife could happily go veggie – she so often goes for the veggie options in restaurants but I think I a bit too much of a meat fan.

    That said, recently we have read this: In Defence of Food: The Myth of Nutrition and the Pleasures of Eating: An Eater’s Manifesto

    ….which has made me question everything I eat! Fascinating book about how bad the western diet is for us all..(apologies for the shameless affiliate link) lol.

    All the best


  5. Hi,

    Just wondering,

    How do you keep your meat after you arrive at home? i.e, you buy something at the local butcher, he put that in a plastic bag, and then what do you do when you final arrive at home?

    maybe that can explain why you rae having so much bad meat and from different sources.


  6. Hi CcoR – It all goes straight into the fridge, and is usually brought home from the shop in a coolbag..


  7. Hi!
    I also find the fact that you frequently buy meat that later discover it’s off is quite strange.
    I’m Portuguese, always buy my meat at supermarkets and don’t ever have any problems (as long as I eat it before the validity date).

    What makes you think the meat is not good, and whith which kind of meat do you have this problems? Pork?


  8. Hi Luis,

    Thanks for reading and apologies for my slow response – I have been away.

    We judge the meat on the smell usually and do adopt an “if in doubt, throw it out” approach – perhaps we are just unlucky!


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  9. Ok, I certainly understand that. 🙂

    I asked if it was pork because raw pork meat can have a bit of a funny smell after some days (even before the validity date), but it’s still good and won’t smell after being cooked.

    I think pigs usually aren’t castrated in Portugal (I don’t know if they usually are in the UK), so maybe the smell may have something to do with that (castration is done to prevent some bad smells/flavours, I believe).

    Regards, and enjoy your meat! 🙂

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