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Home Alone!

Posted on June 29, 2010 by Ben Algarve

As I write this I am all alone in Portugal as my wife has gone on a flying visit to London for a meeting.

We are not a couple used to being apart and perhaps rare in our ability to spend a vast amount of time together with minimal levels of irritation! Especially given that we both work together in our apartment we do get on extraordinarily well – and for this I do feel blessed!

We meet a lot of couples here in Portugal who have second homes and spend prolonged periods of time with one person here and the spouse in another country – do these couples not like each other very much?!

Anyway, enough with the soppy stuff. She will be back late tonight and bringing with her one of our friends who is going to spend a week with us, so lots of excuses for long beach days and getting very little work done!

In other news, regular readers of the blog (a couple in particular) will be glad to know that we have succeeded in “putting ourselves out there” and meeting some more Portuguese

Pasteis de Nata

Pasteis de Nata

people over the past week, and at the weekend we ended up going on a very impromptu night out with some newly-made Portuguese friends who took us to a stunning nightclub on the top of a cliff! It was wonderful to be out and about with the locals and we look forward to returning the favour and having them around for a barbecue in the near future.

A wonderful end of the night treat was a stop-off at a factory making bread and cakes. As middle-of-the-night snacks go, freshly baked, oven-hot pasteis-de-nata and cheese and ham pastries certainly beat a Ginsters pastie from a 24 hour garage back in London!

Not a lot more to report right now, other than to give another mention to the Portugal Web Directory that I added to the site late last week, which compiles all of the useful web links relating to moving to and settling in Portugal. You can get to the directory via the link at the top of the page or by clicking here.

Photo credit: Jpatokal

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3 to “Home Alone!”

  1. CcoR says:

    “…In other news, regular readers of the blog (a couple in particular) will be glad to know that we have succeeded in “putting ourselves out there” and meeting some more Portuguese…”

    Well done!!!

    Now, the good fun starts.

    But don’t forget, as every where else, and I am sure you know, it’s necessary to separate the bad from the good ones, which will be worth of attention.
    We use to say in Portuguese “Separar o trigo do joio”

    All the best

  2. fatima says:

    It’s very curiosed all of this, cause Cor and and we don’t know each other, and yet we were both rooting for you for meeting people. I guess you are in a good way. Keep wishing you the best of experience in your new life. cheers

  3. admin says:

    Thank you both for your good wishes and for following the blog 🙂


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