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No turning back now…..

Posted on September 07, 2009 by movingtoportugal
Burn baby burn

Burn baby burn

This is the week when it all really starts to happen. The letter giving notice on our house in London is typed and signed, and as of tomorrow, my clients start to be told what is happening.

It is scary stuff, yet somehow it seems to have removed a lot of the stress. It turns out waiting to take action is more stressful than taking action! Everything can now be “out in the open” and I can stop leading a double life.

Burning bridges, it turns out, can be rather theraputic.

Tavira is now just 63 days away 🙂 If someone could stick half a dozen sardinhas on a BBQ for me somewhere, and chill a couple of bottles of Vinho Verde that would be great!

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1 to “No turning back now…..”

  1. dreamer1 says:

    It is amazing what a difference it all being ‘out in the open’ makes isn’t it. We only have to tell a couple more of hubbys family (this weekend) then all that will be left will be his work. We just can’t wait and I’m sure its the same for you. Only 63 days left, lucky you.

    By the way, you do realise those sardinhas will be burnt by then don’t you 😉

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