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Posted on May 20, 2009 by movingtoportugal


The source of much excitement


After much exploration, we have decided on Tavira to start with. We also intend to try the silver coast, renting in both areas to check all goes to plan and see which we prefer.  We have the deposit paid on a lovely town house and when not stressing about finalising things here in the UK we are getting extremely excited, mostly about the following things:

1. Shopping at the mercado for fish.

2. Learning to properly cook said fish – if there are 365 ways to cook Bacalhau I want to learn them!

3. Experimenting with sub-2 euro wine – see the food and drink forum at !

4. Roof terrace. BBQ. Roof terrace. BBQ.

5. Having friends to stay and impressing them with my top class sardine filleting skills (yet to be fully developed.)

I must confess to having slightly shocked myself that they are all largely food based things. I guess that solves the mystery of the expanding waist-line!

I know all of the wonderful bits will be mixed with a few unpleasent surprises and tangles with beaurocracy but I’m a glass-half-full kind of person and in truth I’m kind of looking forward to them too. At least they will hopefully provide some amusing content for this blog…

A couple of photos:

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